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Discover the Top 4 Payment Gateway Integration Methods

Posted by PayTabs in Technology on January 7th, 2019

Whether you are running an online store, a travel website or any website which involves a transaction, you will need a secure payment gateway. If you are looking to choose the very best payment gateway system, you should be aware of the divergent payment gateway integration methods.

Thus, given below are the top 4 payment gateway integration methods which can benefit you in choosing the finest payment gateway for your e-commerce website.

Top 4 Payment Gateway Integration Methods

1. Simple Checkout Method

Known as a basic payment method, the simple checkout method is solely designed for smaller businesses. Here, the payment gateway is integrated into the form of an external service. Whenever the customer clicks on the “Buy Now” option, he/she will be redirected to the secure payment gateway page. Of all the methods, the simple checkout is one of the easiest to set up, use and deal with transactions.

• The website doesn’t need to be PCI compliant
• No extra payment gateway maintenance cost
• No sorts of security concerns

• Customer needs to leave your website for making payment
• Due to the low network, customers might not be able to go to the payment page

2. Direct Post Method

The Direct post method is used by business that needs to collect customer’s information along with payment details. After which, the details are sent to the servers of the payment gateway where the actual transaction takes place. In this case, your website will not handle the customer’s data and your payment gateway is responsible for handling these things.

• You can maintain your branding
• PCI compliance is not a requirement

• The transaction is not done in a completely secure environment

3. Server Integration Method

Yet another method among many is the server integration method. With this method, you can handle transactions on your site despite the payment gateway provider.
In this method, every form is present on your site whereas the payment gateway handles all the steps. Ranging from data collection to data submission, each transaction, the payment gateway handles. Here, the customer is not made aware of such things whereas they only need to pay money and avail their product.

• Helps in improving the branding
• You can maintain and deal with customer’s confidential data

• You will need a PCI compliant certificate along with an SSL one
• You will need to improve your website’s security since you will be storing customer’s details

4. Advanced Integration Method

Finally, the advanced integration method also known as AIM gives the privilege to host payment form on your own website. After which, you can send transactions to the payment gateway with the help of an end-to-end SSL connectivity. This method is used by the shopping cart developers whereas the merchant has got complete control of their transaction.

• You get the fullest control over all your transactions

• You need an SSL certificate before you opt for Advanced Integration Method

Final Word of Mouth

Before you actually opt for a payment gateway integration method, learning its root basic must be your initial step. Hence, if you are just starting off, you can simply choose the simple checkout method were all the transactions are handled by the payment gateway. Or else, if you run a massive online store which generates tons of traffic, I suggest you to opt for the advanced integration method.


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