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Use RORO Shipping Companies in Michigan to Transport Your Car Fast and Cheap

Posted by Senshipping in Business on January 6th, 2019

Moving places internationally comes with plenty of ups and downs. With the growth of reliable Michigan international shipping services, however, the residents of the state can heave a sigh of relief. Be it Africa, Europe or the middle east, getting your vehicles and personal effects shipped across vast oceans is no longer a big deal with the presence of such professionally managed and operated shipping services. When it comes to choosing between the RORO method and the container shipping option, vehicle owners need to understand the pros and cons associated with either of the methods.

The RORO model was developed by Japanese car manufacturers to transport their manufactured cars to distant continents like America and Europe. Over the years this method of shipping cars has proved to be cheap and fast and hence a number of RORO car shipping companies in Michigan have grown in the recent years. Today RORO method is used to ship not only four-wheeler cars, but also motorcycles; heavy vehicles like trucks and tractors; buses, boats, motor boats and even heavy equipment moving vehicles like cranes, excavators etc.

Choosing between RORO shipping companies in Michigan and container shipping services

Many RORO shipping companies in Michigan specialize in this particular area of work and work dedicatedly to provide their clients with the best services. While other Michigan international shipping services companies provide for container shipping options and some of course provide both these services to their customers.  Consider the following important parameters before choosing to go ahead with either the RORO method or the container shipping method in order to ship your vehicle across:-

  1. To use the RORO method (Roll on/Roll off) it is essential that the car is in working condition because it needs to be driven inside the RORO vessel or rolled on to the vessel at Michigan and driven off from the vessel or rolled off at the destination. The cars are then fastened and locked under wind and watertight conditions. With the container shipping method, working or not, the car is loaded and stored inside a container – open or closed – and then this container is packed onto the ship.
  2. If time is a constraint or you are someone who needs to stick to a schedule, choose the RORO method because it comes with guaranteed departure and arrival dates. Not so with the container shipping method.
  3. RORO shipping companies in Michigan will not permit shipping personal items with the vehicle. In case of container shipping, sending car accessories or other personal items is not an issue.

Most Michigan international shipping services providers will recommend the RORO method for shipping vehicles because it is fast and cost-effective. Under the container shipping method, there are different options that one can choose from - shared containers or exclusive containers where the former obviously is cheaper than the latter. The Roll on/Roll off method is much cheaper when compared to these two container shipping processes.

The one big downside of the RORO method is that not all ports have the requisite infrastructure to support this form shipping. The container method is comparatively more port friendly. 


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