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How Dysphagia Training Is Related To Manual Handling?

Posted by auscaregroup in Health on September 6th, 2017

Dysphagia refers to a difficulty in swallowing in which individual needs to take more efforts to transfer food from the mouth to the stomach. This generally happens because of nerve or muscle problem and this kind of difficulty is usually common in older people. “Dysphagia” is often regarded as a medical symptom or a sign but sometimes it is used to describe the medical condition itself.

Dysphagia training is mostly recommended for workers or nurses in the Health Care Service Industry. It provides the trainees with skills and knowledge to handle patients in an event of choking and the complete procedures to make them normal.

Dysphagia Training for Nurses in Perth is a 2-3 hour workshop. The main purpose of this practical training course is to provide the individual or the nurse with the knowledge and skill needed to safely screen dysphagia patients. They are trained to make initial recommendations and to team up effectively with speech and language therapists.

During this workshop, the staff will be practically trained to perform their roles effectively. They will be skilled to identify the hazards, evaluate the event and then controlling the risk by using techniques.

Recent studies have highlighted that nurses play an important role in the diet of a patient. Dysphagia training is very well focused on every aspect in order to improve nurse’s confidence in managing patients with swallowing problems.

Dysphagia is difficulty in swallowing. Swallowing is a complex procedure and there is a number of ways in which it can get disturbed. Generally, when we taste, smell or see foods we like we produce saliva, which is essential in making chewing an easy procedure.

When we swallow the mass of food, the tongue pushes food to the back of the mouth. After which swallowing movement is automatic. Our voice box tries to prevent food and liquid that we had from going down to windpipe or lungs. The gulping action pushed food into the esophagus. Whenever any difficulty in this procedure occurs it can cause dysphagia, which needs sudden care otherwise it can adversely affect one’s life.

To handle a patient in an event of choking, the individual should have good knowledge about manual handling. This enables the individual to handle the patient safely according to the prescribed procedures. He may need to wrap arms around patient’s waist while standing behind him, need to pull inwards and upwards as if trying to lift up the patient, needs to take the food particle out of the mouth visible. If these don’t work, he may need to carry the patient to the doctor.

Nurses willing to add some more skills to their knowledge bank should try Manual Handling Course In Perth and Dysphagia Training For Nurses In Perth.


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