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North Carolina state credit union

Posted by abigaylemark in Finance on September 5th, 2017

More and more people have become interested in credit unions and they want to know if it is worth joining a North Carolina credit union. Indeed, there are some requirements that have to be met, but once you join, you will see the advantages and how you are treated as a member that has voting rights. The North Carolina state credit union has more to offer than other financial institutions and actually cares about the community.

First of all, it is important understanding what a credit union is and why it is different than other financial institutions. The North Carolina credit union is owned and run by its members, it is non-profit and the board of directors has volunteered to be in that position. Credit unions have the mission of helping members, especially those with a low income; promote their productivity by offering them the right credit solutions. When interest rates and fees are established, they think about their members and their best interest. Financial institutions in general are interested in making a profit and they only think about their shareholders, but this is not the case for the credit union.

Customer service is excellent in credit unions. This is because you talk with members that have accounts within the credit union and they know what it is like to look for financial services. They are able to help other members and they care about other people. When you have something to ask or some complaints, you are not put on hold or forwarded to someone else, you are assisted right away. Many people complain about these issues with their banks, how impolite representatives are there and how little they care about their clients.

The North Carolina state credit union has fewer fees compared with other financial institutions. Considering credit unions are non-profit, they don’t want to rip off their members with fees and taxes, they want to help members. At one point, profit is made as well, especially for credit unions that have many active members and a wide range of services. However, it is not kept by the board of directors, but given to everyone, to all members. This is certainly something to think about, as you don’t see this happening in any other location.

Even when it comes to credit cards and loans in general, interest rates are lower as well. This allows members to save up money and pay less for the loans they are getting. Credit unions understand that people require loans for serious issues, maybe they want to buy a car, a house, and they need loans to start up a business, for supporting their children’s education or to renovate their current homes and such. There are many examples, but the truth is that people take loans when they need them and when they are unable to pay all at once. It is comforting knowing that not all financial institutions want to rip off their clients.


If you want to know exactly what this North Carolina credit union has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Becoming a member of the North Carolina state credit union brings more benefits than you can think about.


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