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Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

Posted by NowlesNorman in Technology on August 31st, 2017

Cybersecurity – The Big Concern

The fact that today we live in a highly digitized world cannot be ignored. The digitization, the Internet, and the accessibility to mobile devices have penetrated large parts of the world population. People are getting more things done using various kinds of software, online. This has given rise to a new kind of threat called cyber-crimes. Cyber-crimes happen when the software has not taken into account the possible vulnerabilities that it can expose to potential hackers. The most recent and shocking incident is the Ransomware attack that crippled many organizations across the world.

Cybersecurity is, therefore, one of the main concerns that the software world is looking at today. While we feel that many of the cyber-crimes are unavoidable, the truth is far from it. According to Gartner, a whopping 99% of the vulnerabilities that hackers will continue to exploit through 2020, will be the ones that are known to security and IT professionals for a minimum of a year. This just means that extra care needs to be taken when software development happens. It is not that software professionals do not know about the vulnerabilities, but they fail to catch it and plug it. Cybersecurity can be improved by leaps and bounds if this aspect is studied and addressed. This is what Gartner security summit aims to do.

Gartner Security Summit

Gartner security and risk management summit is a platform where world leaders of security and risk management gather to discuss, analyze and arrive at solutions faced as part of cyber security related issues throughout the world. Speakers at Gartner security discuss all major issues and recent challenges faced in this domain. It is one of the best opportunities for CIOs, CSOs, CISOs, CROs, CPOs, business continuity managers, network security professionals, and their team members to understand what is happening in this area.

Apart from the issues faced, the Gartner security summitalso discusses options to address these issues. New security architectures, governance methods etc. are also discussed and shared in the community. All this is backed by Gartner’s own research findings. As an individual responsible for the risk and security management, you will learn how to manage increasing risks of cybersecurity through embracing some of the best practices, backed by research as well as the industry experts. Real world case studies provide insights to bring home the importance of cyber security issues and measures to be adopted.



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