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A Trip to London Should be Included in the Perfect England Itinerary

Posted by NowlesNorman in Travel on August 23rd, 2017

Anyone who is planning a vacation will want to include a trip to London in with their England trip. This city is full of Royalty, diversity, museums, trendy neighborhoods, and four seasons that all seem to bring damp and rainy weather. The perfect England itinerary will look different for every traveler, but there are certain items that should be on everyone’s list.

Places everyone must see during their trip to London:

Buckingham Palace

Visitors can only enter Buckingham Palace when the Queen and the Royal family are not in residence, so everyone will want to look for the Royal flag as they are making their plans for the day. If it is possible to enter the palace, guests will be escorted to see the State Rooms, the Queen’s Gallery, and the Royal Mews. On days when the Royal family is there, people may be able to catch of glimpse of the Queen if she emerges onto the central balcony. The Changing of the Guard happens every day and people are encouraged to line up early for the best views of the soldiers.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey was founded in 1065 by Edward the Confessor as he was looking for a place to be interred. The majority of the sovereigns have been crowned at the Abbey and many of them have been buried alongside each other there as well. In more recent years, the Abbey is where many of the Royal weddings have taken place.

Churchill’s War Rooms

This historic site shows in great detail as to how Winston Churchill lived during World War II. He spent most of his time in this space as he planned military campaigns and visitors can even see where he slept and broadcast his radio speeches. The smallest details have been kept in place including the knitting wool from his wife that marks the front lines on the European map.

During an England trip, there are many other destinations that everyone must include on their England itinerary.


There are more Michelin restaurants in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the entire country and as soon as visitors take their first bite of food, they never want to stop eating. The countryside is mesmerizing as well and people can become lost in their own thoughts as they stare out in the distance.


The towns and villages that comprise the Cotswolds could have very easily transported themselves from another period in time, because they are so unique. The entire area is filled with galleries, festivals, and multiple museums that contain intriguing and unique artifacts. Every season is different in the Cotswolds as the winter brings time in front of the fire, the spring brings new lambs and daffodils, the summer means long magical nights, and the fall brings an explosion of colorful leaves.


Suffolk is along the coastline, so there is always something to do in the outdoors. However, once the coastline ends, the forest begins, and this is where one of the designated national parks in England can be found. Inside the park, people can see more than four hundred rare species of animals that include butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and snails.

A fantastic England trip includes a fabulous trip to London as part of the phenomenal England itinerary that a person plans. The entire country is magnificent and everyone will want to see as much as possible during the time that they have there. Of course, once a person leaves the country, they will begin planning their return trip very soon, because they will miss the excitement that the countryside offers.



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