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Live Birthday Party Painting in NJ for Creating Impressive Pictures for a Lifeti

Posted by weddingdaypainter in Arts on January 4th, 2019

The amazing world of capturing events, nostalgic moments and emotions through the camera is something that we all are aware of. Be it a birthday or a wedding, a celebration of any form – personal or otherwise – is incomplete without photographs. With the advent of smart phones and digital medium, clicking perfect poses and sharing them online with family, friends and the world has become a regular habit with most of us. However, over the last decade or so, the western world has been taken by surprise by the growth of live painters. These set of artists have dedicated themselves to capture events and moments through their paint brushes and canvas

What makes these paintings extraordinarily special is the real-time rendition by the artist, on the spot creation of pictures by the live event painters From personal events like live birthday party painting in NJ and wedding live paintings to professional corporate live event painting, live musical performance painting, live painting of cultural events etc, the live artist painting services in NJ have the expertise to cover any types of events. While initially most of these artists have struggled hard to showcase their work of art to the world, with some of them even doing free work to spread the word around about live painting, today such artists charge professional fees for their services and work.

As people realized the true worth of such live paintings, the industry grew with more and more professional artists entering the live painting space. Few reasons why live birthday party paintings in NJ or for that matter any other event-based live paintings are becoming so immensely popular are:-

  • When an acrylic painting or an oil painting direct from a personal event or a special moment is framed and hung appropriately; it makes for an eye-catching and prized possession. Similarly at corporate events, such paintings on canvas become impressionable mementos to gift to guests and participants.
  • Sitting down and flipping through the album or watching the party video happens once in a while the framed painting just takes a momentary gaze for you to get nostalgic about the moment.
  • While the photographer can edit pictures to make people and moments look nice and presentable within limited parameters, the live artist painting services in NJ can actually use their brushes and strokes to make the physical attributes of people more likeable and even modify the look and emotions on their faces, their body language etc.
  • A live painter at the spot of the event helps keep the audience and the crowd engaged and entertained too. People are flattered that they being recreated on the canvas, they stop by to gaze at the picture being made and enjoy the attention that the presence of the live artist brings to the place.

In order to get best results, it is the job of the host to instruct the artist on what moments to draw and whom to feature. With precise information and instruction, the artist gets ready to do his job of interpreting events, moments and emotions and recreating them on his canvas.


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