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What Type of Pigment Paste Should You Purchase?

Posted by abigaylemark in on October 22nd, 2015

This is surely something that you need to think about before actually spending your entire budget on a range of Pigment Paste that does not possess the qualities that you require for your own products. Maybe you would like to purchase pigments that help reduce dust exposure levels or to improve gloss and transparency. Either way, you should be aware of the fact that the quality of your own products has a lot to do with Pigment Dispersion.

This is the kind of process that requires you to find out more about the manufacturer of the pigment range of products. If said manufacturer does not value quality, then you are going to spend your company’s budget on a large quantity of colours that will not offer you the right qualities. If you want to be smart about it, you are going to get in touch with a provider that will offer you enough details about each range of available pigments so that you could make the right choice for your own company’s products.

An interesting fact that you should know about Pigment Dispersion is that pigments need to be mixed with the right dispersive agents. If not, the resulted colours are going to offer you only disadvantages. However, if you do manage to benefit from colours resulted from a proper combination of the right elements, you will be able to notice increased colour intensity, a high level of viscosity stability and even an enhanced gloss level. These are all factors that should influence your decision regarding the manufacturer that can suit your needs.

While making a decision regarding Pigment Paste and powder, you have to make sure that you posses all the relevant information related to the range of products offered by a proper pigment manufacturer. As you may know, paints and coatings are meant to improve the appearance of objects, to protect them and offer your life the flexibility that you require. The stronger the intensity of the colour, the more impressed you are with a particular object.

The issue with obtaining the right level of Pigment Dispersion is the fact that Pigment Paste is probably not mixed probably with the right dispersing agents. If you notice that there is a problem with particle sedimentation, you can be certain of the fact that the coatings and paints are not going to look that appealing when applied to different objects. At this point, you will need the help of a professional. However, you can prevent this from happening if you purchase the pigments and the dispersive agents from the right provider. You would be even more relaxed if you managed to buy the end result – the mix between these two products.


As you can obviously see, there are different types of Pigment Paste that could cater to your needs. Just make sure that the level of Pigment Dispersion is one that meets high quality standards. The good news is that you can rely on our website if you would like to browse through a wide range of pigments. Contact us if you have any questions!


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