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Minibus hire Enfield for sports events

Posted by abigaylemark in on October 16th, 2015

It is well-known that sports are much appreciated everywhere in the world, whether we talk about football, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball or others, and that many people choose to go to the matches in order to support their favorite teams. If you are one of them and you have many other friends who are interested in watching the whole football match on the stadium, instead of standing in front of their home TV and sip a beer, you should definitely think about hiring a minibus that will take you and your friends to the location of the sport event! If there is a match coming soon and you do not want to lose it, you should definitely not waste any more time and look for a minibus hire Enfield or minibus hire Essex company that has an excellent feedback from its previous clients!

Driving to a certain location might be quite frustrating, especially if you have to use more cars in case your group is a large one, because you do not get the chance to talk and laugh together until you reach the destination. If you do not want this to happen to your group when going to the next football or tennis match across the country, you should book a comfortable minibus in which you will be able to have lots of fun, because you will stay together during the whole trip! There are many companies that are specialized in providing various minibuses, but you should not choose the first one that you find, because you might get disappointed in case the drivers turn out to be beginners and the buses do not look as good as you expect.

There is a great company specialized in minibus hire Enfield or minibus hire Essex that is well-known for offering excellent services to their clients and only comfortable and clean minibuses with which they can easily travel across country for a special sport event, and its name is John’s Mini Bus Hire! This company was founded more than 20 years ago and since the present day it has provided premium quality services to a variety of clients – for those who wanted an airport transfer, for those who needed to transport their wedding guests from the church to the restaurant and for those passionate about sports who wanted to go and see the match on the stadium!

Do you need more information about this company before making a decision? Visit their website at the address and see the minibuses that they have for hire. Also, on the same website, you will be able to read some of the testimonials from their previous clients, if you are interested in finding out how their experience with John’s Mini Bus Hire was. To talk to them, just call them at 0208 523 1706 or 0797 320 3256 or send them an email at

To sum up, if you gather your friends in order to go to the most important football match in your country, you should resort to the services of minibus hire Enfield or minibus hire Essex from the company mentioned above.


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