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Tips on adopting healthy snacks

Posted by sylvermark in Food on July 21st, 2017

At this day and age when most of our food, air and water threaten to harm our system, organic food like Chia seeds or virgin coconut oil plays a significant role in protecting it and strengthening it. And, we stand to gain all this without any side effects. Easily available in online stores, all we need to do is order what we require and be ready to count our blessings every time we take a spoonful of healthy and organic food. These are not food supplements but food itself and thereby easier for your body to digest and absorb.

Chia seeds: A rich nutrient source for the old world and the new

This is what the Aztecs and Mayans considered as important food. These organically grown seeds have become so popular with most health conscious people around when they came to know about its health benefits. Just a spoon or two of these seeds mixed with your usual food will give your body additional source of fat, protein, fibre, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and other mineral and vitamins. Organically grown Chia seeds are as good as whole grain food and are free of gluten.

They are also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which help in development of body and brain. The antioxidants in them work both ways: internally, they protect the sensitive fats in the seeds, and once consumed they will prevent aging and diseases like cancer by fighting production of free radicals. If you wish to lose weight then start taking Chia seeds without delay. It is considerably higher in protein content than most foods. So if you take Chia seeds regularly, it will reduce your appetite and food cravings, thereby helping you to shed off the extra flab. It is good for your heart and bones and easy to mix along with your cereal or health drink. They have no taste of their own. So, it won’t be spoiler for your muffin or cake if you bake them with the seeds sprinkled on top.

Virgin coconut oil: All that’s good in nature

There is nothing like coconut oil if you can include it in your food intake. It is good for your skin and hair as well. It moisturizes the skin and prevents aging. For your hair, it prevents loss of protein when used regularly. As cooking oil it aids in digestion, keeps the internal organs healthy, boosts energy and immunity and improves the general health condition. It also protects your teeth against decay as it helps your body to absorb calcium from your food intake. Coconut oil can also be your key to weight loss as it is easy to digest and increases your metabolic rate. More energy will be burnt and thereby reduce obesity. It will also prevent abdominal obesity.

Organic products like virgin coconut oil and Chia seeds are ways to live a healthy life, one that’s bereft of the fear of disease. If you can make these a regular part of your diet then you can be sure that very soon you may not need medicines to rule your life.

Organically grown Chia seeds and coconut oil are available in online stores. Get them today to start a healthy life.


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