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Play One of the Best Controversial Games –Happy Wheels Game

Posted by abigaylemark in on October 13th, 2015

Happy wheels game is controversial because of its violent graphic displays and it was awarded as one of the best free game for many reasons. Find out some of them in this article.

The exaggerated violent and brutal ways that characters end up in this ragdoll physics-based game make it so distinctive, so intriguing and controversial. Some gamers say that it’s precisely the ridiculous manner that characters get slaughtered that makes the game more thrilling, amusing and challenging. Happy Wheels game is surely addressed to grown-ups who have a special fling for bloody games. It is surely not an easy game to play either. Though it’s rather simple to control your actions by using key arrows, up to move, down to reverse, left and right to stay balanced, one cannot state that it’s an easy task to perfectly coordinate your character’s moves. You need a lot of patience to successfully make it through the finish line.

You can find the Happy Wheels demo version, or download the full game. When you play the Happy Wheels demo version you don’t gain access to all the features available in the full game. The tile of the game surely deceiving as will have the chance to experiment tragic ends right from your first attempts. Characters don’t only end up distorted, impaled, slaughtered, shot or smashed, but the graphics are so explicit and gory that you can’t just stop and laugh for a while at the ridiculously blood death expose. In fact, this aspect makes some players look at this gaming experience as a fun bloody time.

Jim Bonacci, the developer of Happy Wheels game actually explained in an interview how and why the severe consequences are so explicit and violent. He explained how bothered he was by those games where characters become the victims of accidents and simply bounce around without getting any injuries, which seems so unrealistic. That’s how he decided to create a game where the consequences are as severe as in real life. So if your chosen character loses an arm, a leg, a body part, it would continue to lose blood abundantly until the end is reached. Strangely enough, if the character gets to keep its torso the course can continue and victory might be accomplished.        

If you start with the Happy Wheels demo version you will meet the funny four characters. The first is an old homeless in a wheelchair, then you get to choose a businessman on a Segway, a father and son on a bike, or a fat person on a motorized shopping chart. Staying balanced while sliding among traps that get on your way is really difficult. You need patience and time for perfect your skills at Happy wheels game. So, you can continue your research or go straight to the demo version or full game version. Try a physics-based free game that was awarded for its humor, graphics, level editor, unlimited user generated content, and high level of difficulty.

Try the Happy Wheels demo at: Happy Wheels demoand get free laughs with a free game at: Happy Wheels Game


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