Adult male circumcision is a touchy subject. For adult men who have their foreskin intact, the thought of any type of surgeon getting near it to remove that foreskin can lead to some nightmares and pretty tough thoughts.

However, circumcision is common in many cultures, though the majority of these procedures are performed on infants or children young enough that they would never remember or know the difference.

For adult men, there are many questions they often have when first considering the option of circumcision. There could be many reasons for circumcision, not the least of which has to deal with pain and discomfort because the foreskin doesn’t retract properly because it’s too tight, making erections, and sex, more uncomfortable or even painful.

There may also be numerous prospective health benefits, including a lower risk of STD transmission, according to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

What does it feel like?

The circumcision surgery itself doesn’t feel like anything because the man would be under a total anesthetic. He won’t feel anything during the procedure itself.

Afterward there may be some level of discomfort or post-op pain, which is not any different than it would be for other surgical procedures.

What about when it heals?

The penis will require about a week to two weeks for complete healing, depending on the individual and his body. During that time, he will need to tend to the sutures and make sure to keep the area clean and dry.

Once it heals, then he would be able to resume normal activities, whatever those may be for him.

The majority of men prefer circumcision.

For those who have undergone circumcision as adults, most of them ultimately prefer being cut.

Men who may be concerned about the cost of circumcision surgery, when it’s about comfort and alleviating pain, there’s really no price that can be put on something like this.

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