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Offering Self Defense Program for Students

Posted by pushpendrachl in Education on June 12th, 2017

Learning the art of self-defense is crucial in the world of today to reawaken the survival instincts within us that allows us to defend ourselves. It is not just about certain techniques but self-defense mechanism is actually a way minds work beginning with the belief which is worth defending. This state of mind can only be inculcated through strengthening your way up without looking back and feeling endangered or vulnerable.

The first step to learning self-defense is protecting yourself through using physical force for countering any immediate violence threat, whether unarmed or armed. However, in every case, the attempts to success depend upon many parameters realising the severity of threat and the physical and mental preparedness of a defender. Call it a trend and self defense program for students becomes a practical but tactical system to prevent and tackle with various types of attacks.

Teaching Self-Protection and The Art of Defending

It prepares trainees in the line of self-defense teaching them self-protection and the art of defending others. It is because all teaching methods employed here are comprehensive and unique. Such programs run alongside a horizontal system following a logical approach. They are easy to adapt to, retain, performed intuitively and naturally as well as can be of practical use in times of crisis. Altogether, it is one methodology that is worth the trend.

When we undertake such training, there are numerous benefits entailed to keep us going with it – physical co-ordination, self-control, the can-do attitude, confidence, assertiveness, nutrition, anatomy and intuition. Taking up an activity for better physical co-ordination makes children active and respond promptly and accordingly. It covers all the manipulative, locomotive and non-locomotive movements that may improve physical co-ordination.

Let Your Self-Control Evolve

When children learn to form lines, sit still, wait patiently and listen to instructors, they find their qualities of self-control and discipline evolve. If students are open to the learning environment around them, they adapt to the existing atmosphere around themselves and this renders them the much-needed can do, will do attitude. This attitude takes them further in life. As students chase a target-set process, they acquire new skills to move ahead in life every day. Also, praising the efforts and achievements of students helps in instilling more confidence in them.

Being Assertive and Persistent

Life is full of highs and lows, which is well explained through their continuous efforts to work through failure and achieve success feeling more determined. Hence, they practice assertiveness and persistence. To teach students a way of healthy eating and help them grow in strength, there is nothing better than discovering more about nutrition and a balanced diet.

Another good mechanism is anatomy, which teaches us innumerable actions and reflexes through the use of body parts. Then, following intuition allows school-going students to remain sharp in hearing and anticipate dangers ahead well enough in advance. Thereafter, if you wish to learn self-defense better, the best forms would be Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga techniques.


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