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GMO Free Cosmetics Means Generation Klean

Posted by raghav143 in Business on June 10th, 2017

Generation Klean was started over a decade ago, with the mindset of providing GMO Free Cosmetics. In a landscape where beauty products are plentiful, the options for cosmetics that have little to no genetically modified ingredients are very few.


Typically you would have to go to a specialized department store to find a cosmetics line that offers what Generation Klean does. We've taken that headache away, so you can now easily get to the products you love without having to waste your precious time searching.


Let’s take a quick look at the word GMO, and what it represents to you the consumers out there trusting companies with your money and health.


GMO’s; what are they? Well, GMO’s are essentially any organism, which its original genome has been altered and contains one or several genes that would not normally be found in them.


Are GMO’s bad? This is debated by the some of the special interest, lobbyist out there, working for certain labs and corporations. These groups of people depend on laws and bills to be passed in order to sell their seeds to farmers, which then sell their crops to vendors, which then sell their products to the distributers, that sell those products to us the consumer. There have been many studies conducted on this subject, the one that comes to mind is one conducted by The American Academy of Environmental Medicine. They concluded that in animal studies, side affects showed organ damage, immune system disorders and accelerated aging to just name a few of the issues found when consuming GMO’s orally and or topically.


How does this pertain to your makeup and beauty products? If you noticed, one of the last side effects that I closed with was ‘accelerated aging’. Now I’m no rocket scientist here but isn’t that a bit counter intuitive when dealing with “beauty products”? I would certainly think so.


I would like to pose an example of sorts. In relation to the beauty products we consume that are made with GMOs of course. In the 1970s the automobile industry saw new products hit the market that promised to keep their cars shiny looking for years to come. One of those products was and is still is called Armorall. Armorall if you are not familiar with, is a liquid spray in which a couple of it’s main objectives was to protect your dashboard from cracking and also to keep it looking shiny and clean. Well, Armorall was sued some years later; (now quickly refer back to that one side effect I mentioned that GMOs cause in ‘accelerated aging’) because they decided to have their formula contain certain oils that would in essence make your dashboard dependent and have to be consistently be wiped down with the (Armorall) liquid spray product.


Dependent because the oil portion of the ingredients would seep into the vinyl material of the dashboard, and when it wasn’t wiped down, it would dry and crack the vinyl. 


How does this relate to GMOs in my cosmetics? The ‘dependency’ part, that’s how it relates. You basically are putting products on you body that are killing your skin cells at an accelerated rate, therefore causing accelerated aging. If you’re not injecting Botox (which also is a dependent type of product) into those cracks, a.k.a. wrinkles, then you are just applying more to cover the problem areas. It’s a vicious cycle really, and unfortunately there’s not enough education getting around to people in order for them to make an educated consumer buyers decision. If you are reading this, then at least my hope is that your curiosity may have been triggered in this matter and not only consider Generation Klean as an alternative product for your beauty essentials, but to also do your own research and ask yourself every time whether you are using products that may be harming you.


Currently, Generation Klean offers four different types of cosmetic products you can try out. Generation Klean definitely wants to keep growing and offer more different types of options that you may be able to use in replacing some of your current and possibly harmful beauty products.


Here’s a quick run through of the four products.


‘Generation Klean Kiss’, this is a high shine Lip Lacquer we offer that not only is Free of Parabens, Glycols, Sulfates and other harsh ingredients, but it naturally provides a more fuller looking pair of lips. Our ‘Generation Klean Kiss’ lip lacquer comes in six beautiful shades.


‘Generation Klean Kleanser’, is our facial, body cleanser and buffer. This is a great cleanser not only for the face but also for any other part of your body, which you want to clean. It’s of course is Free of harsh chemicals, and is rich with plant extracts, Aloe Vera, Gingko Biloba and rosemary leaf. It has anti aging properties for men and women, leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, all while removing impurities and giving you the benefits of antioxidants.



'Gray Disappear', it's literally a little magic wand, it covers gray hair in an instant! Comes in six different color shades and washes out with shampoo. Of course, it's free of Parabens, Sulfates and Glycols. Stylists love it, and people use it in between salon visits. For guys it's awesome, makes a great men's gray hair cover and best of all, you can use it on your beard as well!


Finally, last but not least,  ‘Generation Klean Hair’. This is our 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo. If you are not familiar with dry shampoo, it’s very useful for when you are in a rush and want to klean your hair in an instant. It doesn’t require the use of water. One of the many cool things about this dry shampoo is that it adds volume to your hair.


People that may have or are currently experiencing some balding or thinning hair appreciate the great benefit of immediately covering up and filling the bald spots with this fill-in powder. ‘Generation Klean Hair’ comes in four great shades.


For more product information please visit our website at:


Contact Us

Generation Klean

P.O. Box 17721

Beverly Hills, CA 90209

Toll free: 1-888-466-5155

Fax: 1-310-858-0275

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