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business continuity disaster recovery plan

Posted by NowlesNorman in Internet on December 30th, 2018

Often at times, a power failure, natural disaster, problems with the supply chain, or a system crash can bring your company to a halt resulting in losses that can range up to millions. In cases like these, having a good business continuity disaster recovery plan can keep your company running through such interruptions.

Business continuity disaster recovery planning can simply refer to a process that can help a company to stay prepared for events that cause a lot of disruption. Consider a hurricane for instance. Such a naturally occurring event can cause a power outage for hours or even for a day or two depending on the severity of the event. This is yet one of the many cases in which you will need a business disaster recovery plan.

Is there a difference between business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans?

There happens to be a slight difference between the two. As far as disaster recovery is concerned, it is the process in which business can be resumed and recovered after an event has caused an interruption in the process. This could be an earthquake, a fire emergency, or similar disruptive events. However, many companies and organizations tend to ignore the importance of disaster recovery. This is primarily because they think that disasters are not very likely to happen because they are less in number. However, this is. Very wrong approach and can result in a lot of loss.

It is a business continuity plan that suggests that at better approaches in cases like these in order to ensure that a business continues to make a profit even during events such as natural calamities. Not only that, but a business continuity plan will also deal with smaller events like a leave from key staffers, illnesses, or problems with supply chain partners, and a lot more.

Nevertheless, while both of these terms are quite different, they are often termed together into a single unit as they have a number of considerations that are a common point.

What does a business continuity disaster recovery plan include?

All of the business continuity disaster recovery plans need to include the ways in which employees communicate, and carry out their jobs in the case of a crisis. The details vary a lot depending on how big a company is and the type of job that the company does. Apart from that, this may also vary depending on the situation of the crisis.

One of the most critical aspects of a business continuity disaster recovery plan is to include all of the elements such as physical, Human Resources, and IT together. These are the elements that cannot be treated while being in isolation from one another. Rather, they have to be tied together. It is also important for IT staff, security staff, and the business leaders work and communicate together in order to figure out the type of plan that is required. This will be done while keeping the most crucial and important business units of a company in view.



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