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Digital Signage Creative Ideas

Posted by NowlesNorman in Internet on December 29th, 2018

Corporate communications are one of the hottest topics of conversation today in the business world. Managers are increasingly looking for modern techniques to keeping in touch with their teams and digital signage is becoming their most preferred technique.

If you too are looking for new exciting methods of digital corporate communications to remain well connected to your team and office, you may wonder what type of digital signage content exists. Here are a few wonderful ideas of using digital signage to improve your corporate communications.

1. Dashboards for Sales and Marketing

Whatever your team objectives are, you can make use of digital signage for keeping your team members motivated and updated by featuring a live dashboard of your analytics. Such a dashboard is excellent for tracking and envisioning your marketing objectives, sales quotas, and other associated key performance indicators.

2. Company Announcements

Will a special guest be visiting be visiting the office? Or will there be a meeting or a team outing? In that case, you can show future events on your digital signage corporate communications and keep everyone updated on the upcoming happenings throughout the office.

3. Inspirational Quotes

Everyone knows how bad office-goers feel on Mondays. No wonder, inspirational quotes are so popular. Everyone needs them to get through the week. You can display some such inspirational quotes to help form a more positive environment and bring success within your corporate culture.

4. Create a Feedback Wall for Customers

You strive for customer satisfaction and customers’ feedback is an important thing in the business world. Customers’ feedback too can act as inspiration for you and your team. So, why not display them on a wall? Create a feedback wall for customers where your team members can see customer quotes and testimonials which can boost their morale and motivate them to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Show Team Contest Ranks

You can create a friendly competitive spirit among your employees by conducting contests (such as NCAA brackets or ping pong tournaments) and the digital signage for corporate communications can be used to track team rankings, to further inspire participation and fun. To add to the fun, you can give exciting names to the teams based on popular historic stories, legends or blockbusters like Harry Potter and then display them digitally.

6. Create a Live Feed of News Stories

Update your team with the latest news stories from the industry or popular news outlets like ESPN or BBC or Wall Street Journal. Creating such a live feed will keep your team members updated on the important news.

You can apply many such creative ideas to use digital signage and make great use of this means of communication like a real tech savvy boss.



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