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A Healthy Start to a Perfect Day

Posted by Healthystart in Food on December 28th, 2018

The perfect start to the day can never really happen on an empty stomach. Researchers have pointed out the latent significance of having a hearty meal at breakfast time as this is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and how skipping it can cause irreversible harm to the body. But just about eating anything in the morning to fill up the tummy is not the ideal way too.  It is essential that this meal is well-balanced and nutritious to give yourself that healthy start so that you can go through the entire day energetically and productively.

Why is it so essential to give a healthy start to your body every morning?

Breakfast is one meal that nutritionists’ advice should not be missed. In fact of all the meals, breakfast should be treated like a king. There are scientific reasons behind this belief. The body is literally on a fast through the entire night – when you have dinner at the right time; the body is almost starving for 7-8 hours by the morning. So you need to ‘break the fast’ and hence the name.

Reasons behind not skipping this meal are:-

  • It gives the body the fuel to start and go through another active day. In other words it provides the body with a healthy start.
  • A well-balanced breakfast consists of essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibres. These nutrients are best absorbed by the body when eaten in the morning; as the day passes, the chances of the body accepting these nutrients decreases.
  • It helps reinstate glucose levels in the body so that the brain can function properly. People who miss breakfast are less likely to concentrate, focus and enjoy their work through the day.
  • It helps burn fat. A breakfast well eaten helps keep you full for a longer duration that in turn keeps a check on your cravings through the day. Over a period of time, it helps maintain your waistline too.
  • Studies show that a healthy start to the day goes a long way in delaying diseases related to heart, diabetes, obesity and others.

What are the ideal diet constituents for a healthy start?

A well-balanced and nutritious breakfast should be made up of

  1. Fruits like banana, kiwis and blueberries; vegetables - provide fibres, vitamins and minerals
  2. Whole grains for carbohydrates and vitamin B.
  3. Eggs are the best source of protein, choline and helps maintain insulin levels.
  4. Acai bowls made from Acai berries that are rich in antioxidants & essential minerals.
  5. Oatmeal rich in antioxidants
  6. Milk and yogurt for protein, probiotics and conjugated linoleic acid.
  7. Sliced almonds, nuts, and whole-grain granola bars for Riboflavin and Niacin.
  8. Chia seeds are the best known source of fibres and antioxidants.

How to get a healthy start to your day in Chicago?

In the last few years, Chicago has witnessed the growth of number of restaurants and caterers who believe in providing their customers with nutritious food, including breakfast. The ideal way to get to know the best caterer in Chicago is to search online.


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