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5 ways to prevent hair loss

Posted by radiancemedispas in Health on December 27th, 2018

Worried about severe hair loss and are looking for natural home remedies to treat the problem? The first step to preventing hair loss is trying to find out its causes. When you go for hair loss treatment in Bangalore, your dermatologist will ask you questions about your diet, lifestyle, and other details. All this information could give an idea of the actual cause of hair loss. 


What causes hair loss?

  •          Over use of hair styling products such as straightener, curler and dryer
  •          Use of hair colouring products
  •          Hormonal Imbalance
  •          Nutritional deficiency
  •          Polycystic ovary or thyroid issues
  •          Emotional loss


The best dermatologists for hair in Bangalore take into account all the factors before determining the actual cause for hair loss. You could try some of the home remedies before you go for a professional treatment. However, you need to be clear on the fact that hair care methods take time to show the right results and so you need to be consistent to see any significant results.


  1.     Check your diet

Are you having a balanced diet? The food you eat influences your body’s health including that of your hair and scalp. Your diet should include hair-friendly nutrients including protein, biotin, zinc, iron, omega 3 fatty acid, and vitamin C.


  1.     Stay hydrated

Drink at least eight to twelve glass water daily to keep yourself hydrated. It helps the growth of healthy and lush hair.


  1.     Don’t blow dry your hair

Cut down on using the blow dryer to dry your hair after a shower. The hair roots are tender after a shower, so blasting them with hot air could make the fall off, leading to more hair loss. Only in case of emergencies, use the hair dryer. Else, let your wet hair dry naturally.


  1.     Stay dandruff free

Dandruff is another reason for hair loss. Mild dandruff can be treated with the normal dandruff shampoos. Anti-dandruff shampoos contain Zinc pyrithione, Ketoconazole, Selenium sulphide, or Coal tar, which kill the fungi causing the dandruff.


  1.     Say “NO” to stress

Stress and emotional trauma could cause hair loss as well as other health problems. So, for healthy and shiny hair, beat the stress by doing yoga, exercises, and meditation.


Taking proper care is essential for a healthy and shining hair. In case the hair loss is very severe, you can opt for hair loss treatment. Bangalore has the best dermatologists for hair you can consult for treating your hair loss problems.


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