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What are the best digital marketing strategies that'll work in 2019

Posted by James in Internet on December 27th, 2018

While marketing online has become much more accessible thanks to the rise of new platforms and technologies, it still remains a skill that must be learned and developed. This is especially true on the strategic side of things. There have been plenty of people who mastered the technical side of digital marketing, only to embarrass themselves when running an online marketing campaign because they were clueless when it came to strategy. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you by taking a look at some of the best digital marketing strategies for 2019.

You Must Give Before You Can Receive

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the best way to make sales online isn't by concentrating on aggressive in-your-face hard-sell tactics. Now you're probably thinking, why not? And yes, it is true that this method can get some revenue flowing, but there is a much better strategy: forming a relationship with your customers.

Unless they're using an ad blocker, people are bombarded with ads every second of every day online, and have developed "ad blindness." Aggressively running ads is a legit strategy, but you can set yourself up for greater profits, and long-term revenue streams by the focus on gaining the respect and trust of your target audience.

This can be done through social media podcasts, email mailing lists, and other methods you can use to reach out to them, and provide them with information, entertainment, and discussion. This strategy will net you some pretty big benefits over aggressive salesmanships such as huge back-end profits, and a customer base that will do business with you again and again. Best of all, when your customers become fans of you and your brand, they'll spread the word to others, bringing in, even more, paying customers/clients. It's almost like having a marketing team that pays you instead of you paying them.

Running Ads is Still Powerful

Okay, so we kind of talked trash about ads a bit in the first tip, but let's clear a few things up, ads can be very powerful if done right. This is because running ads are all about crunching the numbers, making them a very reliable marketing strategy with little guesswork once you get things going.

However, find your footing and get your ad campaign to take off, you're going to have to do some testing. Don't just throw up one ad on Facebook or wherever and then cry when it fails. Instead, run 10 ads for a limited amount of time, then cut all but the top three performers. This will give you a good foothold for steady improvement.

Speaking of steady improvement, the key to making a killing with ads is testing, testing, and, you guessed it, more testing. Constantly split test ads against one another, and keep the winner, trash the loser. Then do it again. If you ever stop testing your ads, you're going to quickly find your traffic stagnating, and your profits too if ads are your main form of marketing.

The Real Money is On The Back End

We mentioned back-end sales earlier, and for good reason: that's where the real money is. Think of it like this, what's better, spending capital to reach out to people, turn them into paying customers, then saying "good-bye" once you've got their money? Or getting their contact information before or after the transaction so that you can market to them again, and again?

Not only does this method grant you access to easy sales (someone who's bought from you once, is much more likely to buy from you again than a cold lead), it also cuts down on the cost of customer acquisition. Put another way, the less you pay in marketing to make each sale, the more profit you make. Simple right? So instead of having to go out and find new customers, again and again, capture their info so that you can market to them cheaper, and more effectively. Talk about a win-win!

Ready to Make Some Real Money Online?

Okay, maybe that subheading was a little more aggressive than it should have been, this isn't a get rich quick scheme after all. But hey, you now know three practical, and actionable ways to power up your digital marketing efforts in 2019. And if you get stuck, well there's always digital marketing services to help. While this may seem like just an added expense, digital marketing services can actually help you save money in many cases, especially if you're trying to take on the marketing load all by yourself.

In the end, 2019 will be a lot like 2018, 2017, and practically every year that's come before. Technology may have changed, but human nature hasn't. Those who take action will be the ones making the big bucks, while the ones who sit on the sidelines will be making excuses. So get out there, put these strategies to work for your business, and make some money!



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