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Top 3 Epson printer errors and their solutions!

Posted by lizawillsion in Technology on December 26th, 2018

Epson printers are world-renowned for delivering the most advanced printers to the consumers and businesses. While they offer several exceptional features and superior functionalities, a user may also face certain problems. Here, in this article, we have enlisted the three common problems and their solutions. Check it out:

  1. Epson printer compatibility error

This is one of the most common issues the users of Epson printers have complained about. It usually occurs in two situations-

  • When you attempt to download the Epson printer drivers for Mac on your Windows PC or vice-versa
  • If you don’t download the printer’s drivers from the official or the authorized Epson website

Solution- Pay attention while you download the drivers, and also make sure it’s the right source to get the same. In addition to this, the other two important key considerations are: enter the required printer details (type and model number of your Epson machine) carefully and follow the standard procedure for downloading and then installing the printer’s driver. Dial Epson Printer help number 1-844-797-8692 if the error persists.

  1. Cartridge related issues

There are several issues associated with an Epson printer’s cartridge. Some of them can be fixed just by cleaning the cartridge properly by following the right procedure. Among all, ink is low, or ink system failure is the most common one.

Solution- To get rid of this error, replace the empty cartridge with a new one or refill the same by executing the stepwise instructions listed in the manuals. In the former case, make sure you buy an Epson printer cartridge only from the authorized store. For further help on how to replace or refill the cartridge, contact Epson printer tech support number and receive immediate assistance from the certified and experienced team of technicians.

  1. Paper jamming problem

Paper jam is an error that majority of the Epson printer users have experienced at some point. This happens when one or more paper get stuck into printer’s roller or when the roller picks up two or more sheets at one time.

Solution- When proceeding to the Epson printer troubleshooting of this error, make sure the paper is aligned properly in the tray. The issue could also be due to the poor quality of the paper you are using. Check the recommended paper type for your particular Epson printer and use the same. Also, ensure that no two papers are stick to each other due to humidity or moisture.

Reach out to an Epson printer assistant to get an assured fix for the other Epson printer errors.


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