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Why Are Dead Sea Minerals Healthy For Your Skin? Top Benefits of Dead Sea in Cos

Posted by alissaembolla in Health on August 1st, 2020

As most of you probably already know, the dead sea is located in Jordan Valley and is quite famous for its looks. It is also famous for its spectating properties when it comes to cosmetics and facial make-ups. It is a fact that at least 12 minerals and salts are exclusively found in the dead sea and nowhere else in the world. Some of these minerals are almost identical to the minerals found in our skin cells. This is what makes it so much more interesting. By applying these extracted minerals on your skin, your body can regenerate the rotten skin cells and do wonders for your skin.

The healing properties were first discovered back in the 18th century when it was established that the minerals found in the dead sea have amazing healing and recovering properties. The mud of dead sea works like charm if you use it as a face mask. The calcium found in the dead sea mud helps in skin growth and regeneration. The mud face mask helps in regulating skin’s essential functions. It also acts as an anti-cancer agent for your skin.

Another mineral that is found in the dead sea is Magnesium. If you are using any skin product that uses dead sea’s extracted minerals, you’ll notice an accelerated skin metabolism and a reduction in wrinkles. This is purely due to the presence of magnesium. If a hand cream is made up using the minerals of the dead sea, it’ll help to cleanse the hand skin like no other product. It also has chloride in it so, it helps in moisturizing the skin. You’ll not have a dry skin issue after applying the hand cream made of dead sea minerals.

Dead sea minerals make a great body scrub if you apply it on a regular basis. The function of a body scrub is to remove all the grease and dirt from the pores of our outer skin without damaging the skin. This is where the dead sea takes the trophy away from the other body scrub agents. The presence of bromide in this body scrub makes sure that the skin recovery rate is accelerated and no damage is done to the skin while applying the scrub.

Different salts of the dead sea help on many fronts. They provide anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties to our skin. Our skin heals up at a faster rate with the help of these salts. The cleansing properties of these salts are better than probably all the chemical-based cleansers. These are pure natural minerals that are only found in the dead sea.

We’ll advise you to try dead-sea based skin products once. We are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed by their performance. You might not see immediate results as the natural process takes a bit of time but gradually, your skin will start glowing like before and you’ll lose all your wrinkles and acne from your face.



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