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10 Situations When You Need Your Electrician

Posted by catherinesmith in Home on July 31st, 2020

Sometimes we can overestimate our ability to handle tasks around the house. Even though we may find pride in using DIY techniques to solve our issues, they are not always the best way to go about things. Having an expert by your side is better to find efficient solutions to your problems. Here are some situations that you might encounter, and if you do, calling a residential electrician will be a smart decision.


Electrical shocks

Feeling heat near the light switch or experiencing mild shocks should be a wake-up call for you. Various devices and appliances can give rise to this issue. If you try to solve it yourself, there is a possibility that you might cause some damage or hurt yourself. It is better to let a professional handle it.


Soaked wirings

Never go near wires that are wet as there is a chance that you might get electrocuted. Exposed wires can often prove to be dangerous, and thus, an experienced electrician must handle them.


Defective switches

Do you have a light switch or an outlet in your house that has stopped functioning correctly? It might be time for a residential electrician to check them out. It is better than risking the possibility of having loose wires around.


Circuit breaker problems

Malfunctioning breakers can cause many issues like overheating, and if you overlook the problem, you may risk burning down your house. You should not try repairing by yourself if you have no prior knowledge of it. Residential electricians will efficiently solve any issues related to overloaded circuits in your house. 


Worn out electrical systems

Get an electrician to check out the quality of your electrical system if your house has become old. Make sure that you go for any upgrades that residential electricians suggest as you do not want any fires getting started in your home.


Buzzing noises

It is best not to ignore any humming or buzzing noises. These can indicate the presence of an electrical issue in your house. If you go looking for its source and end up finding out where the problem lies, DIY methods may not be the best solution. Call a residential electrician to repair any damage.


Fluctuating lights

We tend to get used to a particular light flickering in the house. But there might be an electrical issue hiding behind it. Many times, new devices can cause light fluctuations. You can encounter a similar situation if you are using too many devices at the same time. To avoid this, get an electrician to check out what the problem is.


Get permits approved

For any significant electrical works required in your house,  it is crucial to get your permit approved. Inspectors do this for safety purposes so that you and your family are not at risk while undertaking electrical repairs.


Overloaded outlets

While adding extensions to your outlets is a convenient way to use more devices at once, it may cause overloading. Instead of taking this risk, residential electricians can add more outlets to allow the use of multiple devices without causing any electrical damage.


Outdoor jobs

Whether you are adding electrical fixtures in your yard, patio, or poolside, DIY methods would not suffice. Do not try it, especially near any water body, as it can be highly dangerous. So call a residential electrician instead.


Summing up

An electrician can save you from electrocution, fires, and any other dangers you are putting yourself in when you try to solve electrical issues yourself. Leave it to ESK electricians who have years of expertise in handling all electrical related services. If you are searching for Wichita electricians or an electrician Wichita KS area, then visit




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