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Timeshare Vacation Resort Tours - Reading Between The Lines

Posted by TimeshareLegal in Travel on July 30th, 2020

While many people love to go on fun family vacations and the sound of owning a vacation home sounds fantastic, one must be wary of jumping into a timeshare membership. A great alternative to the purchase of a timeshare is simply going online and finding a preowned timeshare for a fraction of the price. Here's what you should consider when it comes to buying, selling or renting timeshare units.

Before You Buy

Do your homework and analyze the costs of owning a timeshare and renting the same kind of room online. Pay attention to all the amenities, locations, resort name, travel costs, and maintenance fees and interest rates. Once you decide to sign up for the membership, one needs to find the best options in terms of exchange policies, availability and resort quality.

major timeshare resort


Always check the timeshare resort's customer reviews and investigate the resort company's track record with vacationers. Ask questions about benefits and fees and see if it is all included in the contract. Study the contract, perhaps with a timeshare attorney that you know of, and use the services of reliable sources to find about cancelling of the deal or transferring a timeshare, just in case you no longer desire to be a member.

Timeshare Exchanges

One potentially useful feature of timeshare memberships is the concept of trading a timeshare unit with another owner. Once a person becomes an owner, they also become part of the exchange system. Every member must submit a week into the resort inventory and when members have a week available, they will be charged an exchange fee. Otherwise, with a points based system, the interval is already in the system for a set period of time automatically, as soon as one becomes an owner.

The number of points determines the size of the timeshare unit, the season of travel, and the resort location. Timeshare owners can 'bank' or retain their points for future vacations or buy extra points to upgrade their membership. When selling a timeshare room, keep in mind that the new owner will need to pay all the fees and taxes in an exchange program.  

A recent timeshare owner told his timeshare attorney the following experience with his timeshare resort.

With my wife we have purchased a time share with Westgate (Orlando). They took several months to give us the Interval membresy because 'an internal problem', hence we lost our change to use all its benefits during our last summer.

Besides that, we were supposed to deposit our weeks with Interval (after having the correct membresy), but there are many 'errors' on the Westgate page that don't allow us to exchange the week to deposit it on Interval.
I have been struggling with that for several months, and I don't even have answers from Westgate besides 'We are working on your concerns'.. They charge my account religiously every month, they are too neat for processing payments, not the same for assessing the customers. Another issue was that we were supposed to be able to manage our timeshare weeks, exchanges and everything from the web, but it isn't like that so far, then we have to make international calls for every single need we have.

Last but not least, since we've purchased our timeshare, many 'phantom' companies started calling to our home offering to resale our remaining weeks. We should pay something for the advertisement then we would automatically earn a lot of money. Obviously a huge scam. I've received many calls from different companies already, and I want to underline that Interval didn't have our information when it happened. Hence, somebody from Westgate sold our info or they are cheating us themselves. The situation is so frustrating, I need to get out of this timeshare asap.

The Way Out

You may have attended an innocent presentation on your last vacation, just for the free gifts and food, but ended up leaving with a timeshare membership and wondering how you got scammed.

The attractive gifts, free offers, the enticing deals, the great locations seemed good at that moment, but your now may think it is not worth it. You might use the unit in the short term, but as time goes by you realize that it wasn't a great deal and you seldom stay at the resort. In many cases when it sounds too good to be true, it ends up being a scam or a fraudulent company trying to get the most cash they can get away with, you find yourself in the timeshare trap with a large financial commitment and regret. That's when it's time to hire a renown timeshare cancellation company to provide relief from the timeshare headache.






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