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How to get Limited Liability Company Registration in Marathahalli?

Posted by manojgangaiah in News on July 30th, 2020

What is a limited liability partnership (LLP)?

LLP Company Registration in Marathahalli,LLP is the top consultant for a Limited Liability Company in Marathahalli Creating an LLP is a good way to protect your assets from your company’s liabilities, offering protection for your assets in the event of a failure. For this reason, forming an LLP Company Registration in Marathahalli is a much secure solution for many small owners than a sole proprietorship or a general partnership, a limited liability partnership or LLP is similar to a limited company in that it offers limited liability to its members and therefore protects their assets.  

Are you looking for a best-limited Liability company registration in Marathahalli format with nearly no capital requirement, minimum members, and easy running and maintenance-free? LLP is a perfect answer to this question. Limited Liability Partnership is increasingly popular as it offers two main benefits, 1. Limited Liability 2. The flexibility of a partnership firm. This type of registration is highly used by professional firms like CA, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, and Consulting Businesses, etc. LLP is easier to incorporate and maintain as compared to the private or public limited company structure. To enhance organized businesses in our nation, the government initiated a new quicker process of LLP incorporation from 2nd October 2018 originally introduced in 2008. So what are you waiting for? Contact Our Consultry for a top consultant for a Limited Liability Company in Marathahalli Now and let us form your LLP. , however, there are three significant differences:

  1.      An LLP is taxed as a partnership and is not subject to corporate dividend distribution tax.
  2.      There are no directors or shareholders in an LLP instead, it has partners and designated partners.
  3.      An LLP is governed by the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 and not the Companies Act of 2013.


Registration of LLP is Simple with Consultry

The process of LLP Registration in Marathahalli is revamped by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. A quicker process of LLP incorporation is made available on 2nd October 2018 as part of the ease of doing business initiative by the government. LLP Registration Consultants in Marathahalli our Experts at have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with the LLP registration process, in all major cities of Bangalore including Marathahalli, Vijaynagar, JP Nagar, Silk board and more. Services for limited Liability company registration have equally relevant reach within smaller Places and towns in the City. If you want to start your business with a Limited Liability Partnership, then you must get it registered under the Limited liability Partnership Act, 2008.


Who would use an LLP?

LLPs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the limited liability of a limited company and the flexibility of a partnership. They are most commonly used by certain professionals that typically form a partnership – doctors, architects, lawyers – but whose members wish to limit their liability.


What are the minimum requirements for a limited liability partnership?

  1.      Minimum 2 Designated Partners
  2.      At least 1 of the designated partners shall be an Indian Resident
  3.      The Partners and Designated Partners can be the same person
  4.      There is no concept of share capital, but there has to be some sort of contribution from each partner
  5.      DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for anyone of the Designated Partners
  6.      DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Designated Partners 


Features of LLP

  1.      It has a separate legal entity just like companies
  2.      The liability of each partner is limited to the contribution made by the partner
  3.      The cost of forming an LLP is low
  4.      Less compliance and regulations
  5.      No requirement of minimum capital contribution

The minimum number of partners to incorporate an LLP is 2. There is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners of LLP. Among the partners, there should be a minimum of two designated partners who shall be individuals, and at least one of them should be resident in Bangalore. The rights and duties of designated partners are governed by the LLP agreement. They are directly responsible for the compliance of all the provisions of the LLP Act 2008 and provisions specified in the LLP agreement.


How to get LLP Registration in Bangalore?


Are you looking to get  LLP Registration in Bangalore? Then we will help you with this we are LLP Registration Consultants in Bangalore. Feel free to send your inquiry to or feel free to contact: 7975187793 or visit



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